Functional safety

Recently, development departments and development engineers have been faced with new challenges. As the demands placed on embedded systems are constantly increasing, employees in these industries must develop innovative solutions for areas such as functional safety and protection against access by outsiders (security). Real-time capability, energy efficiency or connectivity are also affected and must be adapted to the trend towards electrical use. The reason for this development is the integration of much product information into higher-level control systems and networks. The use of intelligent technology is becoming increasingly popular in companies, as it simplifies the process of numerous business transactions and communication both inside and outside the company.

What we do?

We are an engineering service provider working with customers from various industries. It is our concern to match our competences to the requirements of our clients.

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Hardware Development

Our engineers develop tailor-made electronic hardware for our customers from a wide range of industries. Our work includes embedded electronics as well as power electronics up to 500kW.

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Electronics Development

Our many years of experience enable us to work out your product idea and at the same time present cost-optimized solutions. No matter if measurement & test engineering or up to power electronics.

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