BIM technology

Innovative 3D CAD projects and BIM measurement technology tailored to customer requirements.

Our company has specialized in modern inventory data acquisition. For this purpose, we use innovative 3D laser scanning. This enables us to precisely survey existing buildings, industrial plants, and technical facilities. In the next step, we process the data using Leica Cyclone software and then digitize it in CAD. There are almost no limits to the collection and processing of your data.

If you are interested in using the acquired data for your facility management, you can also contact us. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in this regard and answer all your questions. Together with other software manufacturers, we develop CAFM and CAD interfaces – in this way we ensure that you can continue to use your data in the best possible way.

In the course of the as-built survey of building objects – this not only concerns buildings but also industrial areas – the laser scanner creates dense point clouds. These clouds consist of millions of 3D points. This enables us to deliver 3D images of complex scenarios with high precision.

Of course, the data thus obtained is available to all project participants at several locations. This proves to be a particular advantage for conferences or evaluation in teams. Keep in mind that you can already calculate distances and areas with the raw data. Once the data sets have been prepared, you can present them in a variety of ways. You will not only receive overall views but also sections and details from us.

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